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A Message From Tamara:

Hi, my name is Tamara and I started Natural e GREEN in May 2009 when I had a simple idea: to use only natural & chemical free products for myself & my family! It wasn't easy though - reading labels and finding truly chemical free products was a challenge and I was ordering products online from all over North America to get what I needed.
tamara laschinsky
When other parents heard what I was using, they asked me to order in extra for them, and this, is how Natural e GREEN got it's start! I began ordering more, and more, and more - listening to what the customers wanted and helping them find it.

I have had the chance to learn so much (and am still learning more each day) and have met so many health conscientious people in the last year. Natural e GREEN has helped many other concerned individuals find safe alternatives and best of all:  I know my children are using the healthiest products there are and that they will understand how to find healthy products to use as adults and for their own children!

Natural e GREEN is more than a store: It's a way of life!

We now have over 830 products and are on our way to being one of the largest one-stop shops around so you can buy everything you need in one location! We are dedicated to provided top quality, safe products so be sure to join either our facebook page, blog subscribe, twitter or monthly newsletter to get up to date information as it happens! For example, when the new Piggy Paint formula was discovered to contain a chemical called Neolone 950, we immediately sent back ALL the new formula to Piggy Paint and blogged it to our customers since Piggy Paint was not telling anyone themselves. (What stock we have left of the Piggy Paint is the old formula and without the Neolone 950.)

I have published two books and written over 500 articles to date on natural health & wellness. When I'm not busy adding in new products and shipping orders, you can bet I'm deep in research to bring information to my reader base!

Customer Requests

Do we take Customer Requests? Of course we do! Just email us to request a product/brand and once we've researched it to make sure it meets our criteria we can look at bringing it into the store for you!

Manufacturer Requests

Want Natural e GREEN to carry your products? Contact us and send your product information along with your terms and conditions. Even if we are not expanding our line at the moment, all prospective products are put in our "future considerations" folder so that when we are ready to expand the line we have your information handy. A few things to note:
  • We are VERY specific about the ingredients we carry. If your products contain ANY synthetic man-made chemicals, don't bother contacting us. This includes, but not limited to: Synthetic fragrance/parfum, 1,4 dioxane, parabens, SLS/SLES, MIT, Triclosan, Oxybenzone, formaldehyde or releasers, Phthalates, Petrolatum, Coal Tar, BHA/BHT, MEA/DEA/TEA, Siloxanes, PEGS...etc and so on.

  • If you aren't sure if your products contain any toxic chemicals and can't 100% stand by your product don't ask us to carry it. Also, if you decide to 'reformulate' and add chemicals (like Piggy Paint did) we will send it back and will write about your decision to our consumers for their information. We ask our customers to trust us and don't take kindly to any companies that try to 'pull the wool over our eyes'!

  • Natural e GREEN is a very unique and large online store with a huge customer base worldwide. Having your products on Natural e GREEN opens your products to a very big customer base and will bring you some major exposure. We like to work closely with our suppliers and build long-term relationships so that we are all successful and so that our customers get access to best products out there at awesome prices!

  • The owner of the store, Tamara Laschinsky, has tried each and every product carried by Natural e GREEN (with the exception of some supplements that do not apply such as Diabetes control!). She has tried it personally as well as with her family, to ensure the products work well and do not have any hidden chemicals. Be prepared to send some samples before Natural e GREEN brings your products on board.

From Tamara

I do try all the products myself and there is a good reason for it - I have to be sure the products work well before selling them to you!

  • I tried some new body lotions when I first opened the store. All were supposed to be toxin-free but after trying one (that smelled REALLY good) my hand broke out in rash. After contacting the manufacturer I was told that the one lotion in question did contain a synthetic fragrance. Needless to say, I did not offer that fragrance option!

  • Shampoos can be hard to find and one of the first lines I brought on were said to be awesome. Customer reviews rocked and I couldn't find anything bad about them. I bought a whole bunch of the different hair-type shampoos, only to try them myself and find that they were quite horrible! They made my hair feel so heavy and dirty. I suffered for 2 weeks, determined to give them a fair shot before I finally gave up on them (I was so close to just shaving my hair at that point!) I didn't put them up for sale on the website and wrote them off as a loss. As I said, if I don't like the products and can't stand behind them - I'm not selling them!

  • My worst disappointment was with Piggy Paint. One of my best sellers and such a great non-toxic nail polish, I brought in some of their new colors on a customer's request. One of the colors was a glow-in-the-dark and I was curious to see what ingredient made it do that. I was beyond surprised to read the ingredients and see Methylistothiazolinone (MIT) on the listing (Neolone 950). MIT is a chemical preservative listed as allowable with restrictions by the government, depending on whether or not it's a rinse off or leave on product. Even Japan places restrictions on it.  
I brought this to their attention and despite being told it is quite "safe" to use and in very low concentration, by their chemist, I stand by my mission not to carry any products with those chemicals. I was sad to cut my relationship with Piggy Paint but could not continue to offer the new formulation knowing what I knew. I was disappointed they didn't address the issue and that they still portrayed their nail polish as 'non-toxic' but as we all know, not all manufacturers are honest.

I stand behind my word and put in endless hours to ensure the products we offer you are as non-toxic and safe as they can get. Needless to say, research often takes some time so the more information our suppliers can provide us, the quicker we can bring in new products!

 Natural e GREEN may have started as a small online store, but it's striving to be more than that. It is a portal to information and ideas, to new products and do-it-yourself recipes. Natural e GREEN isn't just a store anymore - it's a way of life!

Contact Us:   Natural e GREEN   403-980-6346   info@naturalegreen.ca

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