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  Smudge Blue Sage and Myrrh
Smudge Blue Sage with Myrrh for Cleansing Ceremony
Smudge Blue Sage with Myrrh

For protection and cleansing of people and places
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Smudge Blue Sage and Myrrh

For cleansing of the self and environment

Sage has long been used to cleanse and purify a person's energy field and place of surrounding. Various combinations exist and this blend is designed to protect from evil spirits and negative attachments.

How to Use Sage Smudge

Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area. You must be able to open windows so the smoke can escape. Light the end and and allow the smoke to wash over the person or room you are clearing. Envision the smoke attaching to negative entities and then, as the smoke leaves the room, the negative goes with it. Thus the need for ventilation!

To Do Smudge Cleansing on Self and Others

Say a prayer to bless the smudge and allow the clear light of positive and protective energy to enter. You can do your own prayer or use this one by Dael Walker as a guideline:

" I invoke the light of the God within
I am a clear and perfect channel
Light is my guide"

No matter the words, the universe understands your intentions so keep those positive intentions in mind and your smudge smoke will have the power to capture and remove negative entities as required.

Begin by lighting the smudge, it may go out so you may need to re-light a few times. Begin at your feet and allow the smoke to go around your body, all the way up past your head. Never allow the burning smudge to touch your skin or someone else's!

To Do Smudge Cleansing of Sage on a Room or House

To clear a room, after you have cleansed yourself start in one corner and begin waving the smudge counter-clockwise ( banishing ) allowing the smoke to reach all corners of a room. Don't forget about closets and shelves.

Carry the Sage in one hand, an ashtray (heatproof container) in the other. Be sure to drop the ashes in often so as not to drop any ashes/embers in the room you are cleansing! It's a good idea to have a container of water nearby as well. Smudge can be extinguished in a bowl of sand or even a bowl of rice.

Chants for Protection and Cleansing

You can make up your own chants and over time you will likely have them memorized. There are some examples that you can use as guidelines. Remember, the universe knows your intentions so the words are really for our conscious mind. Our sub-conscious and universe are already connected and well aware of the intentions we wish to invoke.

"From the element of FIRE
Comes this smoke which is AIR
From the Element of EARTH
Grows this plant which is WATER
I call upon the elements and Blessings of Spirit
To cleanse this (area, person etc.)
For the good of all"

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