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Distributor FAQs

Some of the most common FAQs that we can think of right now! If we missed any let us know, we are working hard to answer all questions ahead of time to make sure everyone is well informed!  You can contact us @!

What Products Can I Sell/Buy?

We have a list of the products available for you to sell, you can browse the list here: 

Currently there are over 250 products you can sell to customers. This covers cosmetics, personal care, herbal remedies, baby products, pet care and outdoor care. 

Am I employed by Natural e GREEN?

No. You are a distributor which means you pick up the items at a lower cost and then sell them to your customers. You are your own business and are not employed by Natural e GREEN in any way. You must refer to yourself as a Natural e GREEN Independent Distributor to your customers and must not make any misrepresentation to indicate that you are in any way employed by Natural e GREEN.

What do I call myself?

You will call yourself an Independent Natural e GREEN Distributor, or a Natural e GREEN Independent Distributor.

Where can I advertise?

You can advertise wherever you want and will be responsible for any advertising costs and legalities associated with advertising. You can advertise on places like Facebook or Twitter or your own website or blog. The only main restrictions are:

  • You may NOT use the wording "Natural e GREEN" or any variation of the company name (ie. NaturaleGREEN) in your URL/domain name, without written consent from owner of Natural e GREEN, Tamara Laschinsky. If you have any questions, contact  The reasoning behind this is simple, we don't want to confuse customers who may mistake your distributor site for the official Natural e GREEN website.
  • On your website or other sites you may certainly refer to yourself as a "Natural e GREEN Distributor" and you may also refer to yourself in this manner for print advertising.  If you aren't sure, contact us and we'll review your page and let you know what changes are necessary!
    • GOOD - example. www. is fine and then you can call yourself an "Indep. Natural e GREEN Distributor."
    • BAD - example. Can not use any variation of Natural e GREEN in the domain name.

How Can I sell products?

You can sell your products directly to customers. You will order from  Natural e GREEN and all items will ship to you. You will then be responsible for delivering the items direct to your customers. 

If you wish to sell things from your website, please contact us first. Some of our suppliers have restrictions on what the lowest price allowed online is. To make sure we honor their request we will want to review your online site to ensure it complies.

If you wish to sell products at lower prices you can certainly do this, but it can not be advertised online. Have customers contact you and you can discuss and take orders via the telephone or email.

Why can I only sell certain products?

Some of the products we get at Natural e GREEN are only sold to us at 10% off the regular price. If we were to give those products to you at 30% off we'd lose our shirts and that would be the end of our business! Therefore, we offer you the products we get at a better price to ensure everyone can stay in business! Right now you will have access to over 250 products, a pretty decent selection covering a variety of product categories!

What if I want to sponsor other people?

At this time, Natural e GREEN is not set up this way. You can certainly tell friends to join if you want, but there are no referral fees and no payouts or downlines. Natural e GREEN is not designed as an MLM company.

Where do products ship from?

Most of the products ship directly from Natural e GREEN in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. Some items do ship from other warehouses both in Canada and the USA. Your packing slip will tell you what items are coming from where. All products for the most part, will ship within 5-7 business days and depending on your location, take about 3-9 business days to arrive.

If you live in the USA and we ship items from Canada to you, there may be customs and brokerage fees. You are responsible for paying any customs or duties on your order. If you are a distributor in Canada and ship items to customers across the border please be advised that the order may also have customs and duties and communicate with the customer whose responsibility those charges are.

If an item is on backorder it may have to be shipped in and then out to you, we'll notify you of any delays.  We will update your order page with notes, indicating what items will ship and when. When all orders are in transit your order status will say 'shipped.' Item in ORANGE on the order form may take up to 4 weeks to be delivered, again we would notify you of any delays.

Can we Dropship?

Yes, we can work with you to dropship orders. If you need us to send an order to someone you will have to email or phone us with the order and provide us with all the shipping information. We will calculate the order total plus shipping charges and let you know a final amount which is payable before we ship. 

You can also send us an order form (found on your distributor website) that only contains the items your customer needs. This will make it quicker and easier to calculate your cost on the items. You can email us the form with shipping information for your customer. We will also write your name on the packing slip so your customer knows who their distributor is.

Once the order ships you will get the email notifications with tracking information. The customer will get a packing slip only, no invoice prices.

What Countries Can we Sell To?

Canada and the US are the two countries that we've been set up with for the last few years. Just recently we opened our shipping options to include other over-seas countries. If you want to send anything overseas via dropship please keep in mind that there are no real tracking options for post and if the buyer agrees to it, then the responsibility of the package will lie with them.

If you wish to do any overseas shipping please contact us.

Do I get paid more if I sell more?

We are going to look at volume sales. Right now, we are just sticking with a flat discount that varies between 30% and 40%. Many other companies do a 15%-25% discount and then give additional 3% increases based on your sales. Down the road we may decide to change the payout structure and offer a volume-based discount. 

How do I handle returns?

Contact us. It is your responsibility to inspect your order when it arrives and check for defects BEFORE sending it to your customers. If something arrives damaged or is the wrong item, contact us immediately so we can help you out.  Take photos if the box it arrived in has been damaged as we will need those photos.

Once customer takes possession of the item we can't accept returns as we have no idea whether or not the product was damaged in shipping or if the customer damaged it. (Unless they are a dropship customer). Of course, there are always situations that arise so if you have  customer who is not happy because something is not right, contact us. It's our mission to have happy customers and we always do what we can to help!

As a general rule, you and your customer have 30 days from time of sale to make a refund/return request. If a customer does not like something or has made an error in sizing etc. we will handle this on an individual basis. As a general rule, we get all items shipped back to the warehouse they came from. If the error is the fault of the distributor or customer, they will be responsible for the shipping charges to send the item back. Once returned a refund will be issued, less any original shipping costs.

What do I do about taxes?

This is your business so speak with your accountant to find out if you have to charge tax, what amounts and how to claim any taxes you pay on purchases. Keep all your receipts and give them to your accountant.

As far as the government is concerned, Natural e GREEN submits the necessary taxes that are required to be charged on the sale of the products. We charge you the tax and submit to the government. When you charge your client tax you are just recouping the tax you already paid on the order and do not need to send that in to the government. Your accountant can advise you in more detail.

Do I have to buy any products or packages?

No, you don't have any quotas to fill or minimum orders. You don't have to buy anything  you don't want to. The only thing you have to purchase is the distributor membership for $59.95.

Do you have any 'starter kits'?

We will be offering various starter kits hopefully by July 2012.  They will contain a variety of products from specific lines or from various lines and can be used by yourself personally or as testers for your parties.

Can I Buy Products for Myself?

Of course and we encourage you to do so! By using the products you will gain a personal understanding of how they work. The owner of Natural e  GREEN, Tamara Laschinsky has tried almost all of the products offered by Natural e GREEN. We say almost all because some simply to not apply to her, such as a Diabetic herbal formula. By trying the products you can offer first hand advice and opinions on the product.

You can also buy them to use as testers. Speak with your accountant as products for this purpose are considered expenses and can be used for your income tax.

I Can't Find a Product a Customer Wants

You won't have access to all the products but we can see what we can do on an individual basis. If you want to order something you don't see in the Distributor Section, contact us and we can see what we can do. Larger items like gift baskets can certainly be available but would come with an additional shipping charge. 

Also, if you have many requests for a certain item please let us know. We can look at the pricing and see if we can add it to the products distributors are allowed to sell.

What is Something Isn't Available?

Don't worry -  we'll contact you! We will review your order and if there is anything incorrect or out of stock we will contact you. Sometimes we can get better pricing on bulk orders so if your price lowers we'll advise you of that too!

How Do I Get Paid?

You get your 30%-40% discount right away. Once you order we charge you the distributor rate, then you charge your customers your rate and the difference is your profit.

What if I have questions?

Contact us! This is a very new program, being implemented due to very high demand of customers and business owners.  There will be questions and suggestions and we will do our best to grow this program and make it fun for everyone! Email is best as there is usually someone glued to the computer and can often get you answers right away!  We appreciate suggestions too so we can grow this program and make sure it's working for everyone!

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