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Raw Elements Organic & Natural Sunscreen

Safe for babies, kids & adults

If you are looking for a good organic natural sunscreen check out Raw Elements! With a #1 rating from EWG again, this sunscreen contains no toxic nasties, won't run into your eyes, is safe for you and the environment and trusted by many water sport professionals!

Raw Elements Organic & Natural Sunscreen: SAFE

  • #1 Rating by EWG for safety & efficacy
  • 100% Natural and organic inactive ingredients
  • No toxic or synthetic chemicals
  • Safe for all ages and those with sensitive skin
  • Zinc Oxide as active ingredient - non nano sized
  • Biodegradeable, safe for reefs & ecolife
  • Never tested on animals

Raw Elements Organic & Natural Sunscreen: Works

  • Provides you protection from both UVA and UVB rays
  • Water and sweat resistant 80+ minutes
  • Won't run into or sting eyes; won't clog pores
  • Can be applied to wet skin and while in the water
  • Contains lots of moisturizers and anti-oxidants

Who Uses Raw Elements Sunscreen?

Professional water sports enthusiasts and professional parents trust Raw Elements sunscreen to protect themselves and their kids. You want a sunscreen you can trust and rely on, but don't take our word for it!

"The only protection that I love is Raw Elements. It really stays on and does a wonderful job."

-Cynthia Aguilar, Miami Beach Ocean Lifeguard

First Woman To Paddle Solo, Cuba to Key West!

"I hardly ever used sunscreen and was always scared to put it on my children because of fear of all the chemicals, I just took ‘the burn’. I have finally partnered up with a chemical free sunscreen that can keep up with me and I can stand behind. I have tested this stuff all over the world, in the most extreme conditions mother nature has to offer. The performance is unreal. Even after long sessions and giant wave poundings it doesn’t move and never stings my eyes.

-Garret McNamara, Extreme Big Wave Champion

"Savannah and I are on the water every day in the hot Caribbean sun. We have to protect our skin and Raw Elements does the job! We reapply and we don’t leave home with out it!"

-Heather Baus, Professional Stand Up Paddle Racer

"I swear I’ve never tried anything like this, I’ve never got sunburn and I spend a lot of hours in the South Beach sun."

-Andreas Olesen, Professional Volleyball Athlete & Coach

There are many, many testimonials from various individuals who enjoy the sun and outdoors who love and trust Raw Elements Sunscreen. We'd love to hear your feedback  and thoughts on it too!

Raw Elements Organic & Natural Sunscreen: Ingredients

Using Zinc Oxide as the active ingredient, Raw Elements also includes these inactive ingredients to deliver moisture and repair benefits to your skin:

  • Certified Organic Sunflower Oil: Contains beta-carotene, anti-oxidant that helps to neutralize free radicals before they penetrate your skin and cause damage.
  • Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil: High in Omega-6 and Omega-3 oils, helps heal and repair skin and cells.
  • Certified Organic Green Tea: Contains catechins, anti-oxidant that fights damage caused by free radicals.
  • Certified Organic Black Tea: Rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamins E and C. Fights free radicals that contribute to premature againg. Filters harmful UVB rays and repairs skin.
  • Certified Organic Coffee: High anti-oxidants. Contains phytosterols and polyphenols that protect against UV radiation, degeneration and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Certified Organic Cacao Butter: High anti-oxidant, contains Vitamin E. Skin renewal & repair.
  • Natural Mango Butter: Anti-oxidants and moisturizer. Protects against UV radiation and reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Certified Organic Beeswax: Protects the skin from irritants while still allowing skin to breathe. Environmental defense against wind, salt water and sun.
  • Natural Candelilla Wax: Protective barrier as well as provides slick properties to finished product.
  • Natural Tocopherol (Vitamin E): Anti-oxidant, treat skin burns and prevent UV damage. Effective moisturizer and neutralizer of age and sun spots on skin.
  • Natural Rosemary Oil: Natural anti-oxidants & vitamins and stabilizer

Organic & Natural Sunscreen

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