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Organic Cloth Diapers for Baby vs Disposable

organic cloth diaper for babyOrganic cloth diapers have come a long way since the early days and now they are even easier to use, clean and acquire. If you have been contemplating using cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers for your baby, read the facts below and get the information you need to see if cloth diapering is a good fit for you!

Organic Cloth Diaper vs Disposable Diaper Pros & Cons

Health Reasons

Disposable diapers contain a variety of toxic chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process. As a result, your baby is being exposed to these toxic chemicals on a continual basis.  Two of the toxic products contained in disposable diapers are Dioxin (causes cancer) and Tributyl-tin (TBT) which causes hormonal disruption.

Disposable diapers also contain chemicals that turn to gel when wet and produce a good environment for toxic bacteria to grow. A study has also shown that boys who wear diapers have an increased scrotal temperature and this may have a detrimental impact on normal spermatogenesis.

organic cotton no chemicals pesticidesOrganic cotton diapers are free of toxins and will not pollute your baby's body. There are regular cotton diapers but regular cotton is treated with a variety of toxic pesticides and chemicals during the growing process. If you are serious about your baby's health, go with organic cotton diapers so you know that what your baby is wearing contains no toxic chemicals.

No chemicals also means less chance of contact dermatitis, or skin rash. Organic cotton diapers are designed nowadays to absorb and lock in moisture to keep baby's bottom dry. The diapers as well as the cover-ups are designed to fit snug to avoid leakages as well.  These diapers also breathe well and promote a proper environment for healthy skin, they are also highly absorbent and can absorb large quantities of moisture without leaking!

Environmental Reasons

landfill diapers cloth disposableIt is obvious that disposable diapers are not good for the environment. In North America, between 20 billion and 28 billion diapers are used and thrown away each year. Yes, that's billion with a 'b'. It is estimated that it will take 200-500 years for a disposable diaper to degrade, until then, it will sit in a landfill.

Many raw materials are used to make disposable diapers, for cotton diapers, only the cotton is required. The Real Diaper Association concluded that to make enough disposable diapers for one baby per year the following resources are needed:
  • 135 kilograms of wood
  • 23 kilograms of petroleum
  • 9 kilograms of chlorine
  • 2.3 times more water than using cloth diapers

Cost and Affordability

It will also come as no surprise that cloth diapers make much more sense financially than disposable diapers! Disposable diapers are very costly and obviously cost more than using reusable diapers. Reasonable estimates are that the average baby will use 6,500 diapers from the time they are born until they are around two years of age. Using cotton diapers, the average family will need about five dozen diapers for a two year span though this number varies as there are more options for diapers that can adjust and fit your baby from the time they are born until they are potty-trained.

Disposable Diapers
Cloth Diapers
Organic Cloth Diapers
The average cost of a diaper is .51 cents. .51 cents x 6,500 =
$ 3,315

Total = $ 3,315
Average cost of diapers are $14.  $14 x 60 diapers = $ 840
With diaper covers/inserts = $ 400.
Total = $ 1,240.
Average cost of organic diapers are $ 19 x 60 diapers = $ 1,140.
with diaper covers/inserts = $400

Total = $ 1,540

Now, with cloth diapers you will need protective diaper covers. You will need about 2 dozen of those during the first two years of life. As you can see from the chart above, cloth diapering will save you at least $1,500 versus disposable diapers.

Safety Reasons

You may not think of it but disposable diapers are plastic and have many parts that can be ripped up and ingested by baby. Baby's are famous for tearing at things and putting them in their mouth & nose. It is not hard for baby to pull at their diaper and rip pieces of the plastic off.


washing cloth diapers washing machineYou may think that disposable diapers are more convenient than cloth and you are partially correct. Cloth diapers used to be a big pain to clean and use, but not so much anymore!  Today, cloth diapers have options like biodegradable liners that you simply insert and flush down the toilet when done. It is great for disposing of solid waste and makes changing very easy and non-messy.

Washing cloth diapers is very easy today too. Simply dump solid waste into the toilet and rinse, then keep diapers in a pail with vinegar water until you are ready to put a wash load in the washing machine. Once they are washed, dry them and you have your diapers!

While disposable diapers do not require laundering, you do have to go out and buy them. If the weather is foul, or if you or your baby is ill, tired or just not in a good mood, running to the store to buy diapers is not something you'd like to do. With cloth diapers you simply have to wash the diapers and you are good to go.

How to Use Cloth Diapers

Using cloth diapers is really quite easy. You can go one of two ways here:

1. Take a cloth diaper and fasten it around baby's bottom. Next, put on a protective waterproof diaper cover. Done. If you are travelling you can also insert a soft liner inside the cotton diaper. This makes disposing of solid waste easy when using public washrooms.

2. Use pre-fold diapers. These pre-folds are basically folded up fabrics that you simply put inside a diaper cover. Place the pre-fold inside the diaper cover and fasten diaper cover securely around baby's bottom.

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