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International Shipping Rates

We have just started to ship worldwide and the process requires 2 processes. We need to get you a custom quote depending on what you ordered and where it's shipping to.

Process 1 - Add the items you want into your cart and pay for the order.

Process 2 - Pay for Shipping with a second order.

So let's break it down into steps:

Step 1 - Add Items to your Cart and Pay for Order

Once you add the items to your cart and go to checkout, enter in your customer information, including shipping address. Then, for the SHIPPING METHOD - Choose "Custom Shipping Quote".

custom quote for world wide interantional orders natural e green

Step 2 - Pay for Your Order

After you choose "Custom Shipping Quote" you will see the Shipping cost is $0.00. Pay for your order and then PLACE YOUR ORDER. Once your order is placed we can use your shipping information to get you a shipping quote.

custom shipping world wide international shipping canada

Step 3 - Add the Shipping Cost to Your Order

Once we send you a custom shipping quote we will send you a link to this page, where you will add "1" of the Custom Shipping Quote products to your cart. Click on Add to Cart.....

add custom shipping to cart for worldwide orders natural e green

Step 4 - Enter Your Shipping Quote

In the price box that says 0.00, enter the amount we quoted you for shipping and then click on the RECALCULATE button to get your final total.

recalculate shipping costs natural e green

Step 5 - Recalculate Shipping Total

Once you click on RECALCULATE, verify that the price reflects the shipping cost (plus any taxes if applicable).

get shipping quotes for natural e green

Step 6 - Proceed with Your Order

Next, you need to pay for your shipping. To proceed with your order either log in if you registered before or proceed without signing in....

proceed with shipping order natural e green

Step 7 - Pay for Shipping

Next you will see your shipping total (and any applicable taxes) and choose your payment method. In the ORDER COMMENTS, let us know which order this shipping is to be applied to. It will help us match up the two orders so we can ship out your order right away.

Last - click on PLACE ORDER and we'll begin processing your order.

pay for custom shipping natural e green


What if the shipping is too expensive?

Sometimes shipping can be expensive, depending on where you live. If it is too expensive ask us to cancel your order and we will cancel both orders and refund any money you paid.

Is there tracking on the packages?

We will give you 1-3 different shipping quotes including one for regular post and no tracking and one with tracking. The ones with tracking are often more expensive but they can be traced so you know where they are and when to expect the shipment.

What if my country is not listed?

If you don't see your country listed please email us and we'll see if we can add your country to our shipping locations. There are some countries we don't ship to, especially those with high fraud rates (ie. Ghana). Please contact us if you need your country added to the list.

What products can we order?

There are some items that may have a problem crossing the border. Things like nail polish that may contain alcohol or are in glass containers that may break especially with any extreme temperature changes. If we noticed you ordered something that is not allowed over the border or may present a problem for you at the border, we will notify you to see how you want to modify your order.

Who pays customs and duties?

You will be responsible for any customs or duties that may be incurred with your order. As a general rule, orders under $200 often have less duty than larger orders, so if you can, consider breaking up your order into smaller ones.

What is something is damaged or lost?

Again, once we ship the order it is your responsibility. Most orders have $100 insurance. If something arrives damaged please send us photos so we can investigate and see how we can proceed. Photograph the box that arrived and any items that were damaged. Depending on your shipping options, insurance may need to be purchases seperately so if you order something breakable please contact us so we can look at insurance options for you.

If your order is lost there is not much we can do unless you choose to pay for the tracking options. However, we've shipped many orders that arrive safely at their destination and the postal system we use is quite reliable.

Refunds or Exchanges

Due to the obviously high shipping charges, you would have to pay for re-shipping the items back to us and then paying again for exchanges. If you are looking at items like clothing and aren't sure of sizes please contact us for assistance before ordering. We want to  make sure you get the correct items orders before we ship it out to you.

If you are not happy with the items we may be able to offer you a refund, less the shipping costs. In this situation, please contact us first. You would have to pay the return shipping as well. There are some items we may not be able to exchange such as herbal formulas or open bars of soap. Again, contact us and we'll see how we can work with you as we do want our customers to be happy!

Shipping Times

We ship within 2-3 business days after your payments are completed. Average delivery times are 6-14 business days.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to work with you and help you get the products you want!


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