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Hosting a Natural e GREEN Party

There are many options available to you when hosting a Natural e GREEN party. Below is a general example and recommendation on how to set up, host and arrange a Natural e GREEN party.

  1. Either host the party at your house or have someone host it at their place
  2. Have some products available for sampling
  3. If possible, send the link to your distributor site a week before the party so customers have a chance to see the products they may wish to buy
  4. Have a computer or two online and on your distributor site so customers can browse
  5. Give customers a piece of paper so they can write down what products they'd like to order
  6. Keep a duplicate receipt pad handy and when your customer orders, write out their receipt and give the a copy. Be sure to include your name, contact # and Id# and write down customers contact # as well so you can phone them when the order is in.
  7. It's up to you if you want to collect payment up front or wait until order is in. Most distributors collect payment up front when orders are large or when they don't personally know someone. It's up to you.
  8. When calculating customer's total, be sure to include the final total including any tax (if you charge it) and any shipping fees. Be sure to write down if order is paid or unpaid, this is not just for customer's benefit - it will help you remember who to collect from when order comes in!
  9. You can collect various forms of payment. If you want to start accepting credit cards, consider Paypal as an entry level processing system. It has low fees and as your business grows you can consider other systems.
  10. Place your order through Natural e GREEN.
  11. Once your order arrives, check everything to ensure the order is accurate and nothing is damaged/broken etc. Be sure to report any damage etc right away to Natural e GREEN.
  12. Deliver orders to customers and let them know when your next party will be. Be sure to leave them a business card so they can contact you, or get their email address so you can contact them, and let them know when the next party will be.

For orders over a certain amount (see chart below) Natural e GREEN will offer a 'hostess/host' gift. You, as the distributor can choose to use this certificate as the gift or use the amount to buy a certain item to give as a gift to the host/hostess. If you are hosting the party, get the gift and select a random customer as the recipient!

$ 500 - $ 999$ 20 Gift Certificate
Can be broken into individual gift certificates
$ 1000 - $ 1,499

$ 40 Gift Certificate

Can be broken into individual gift certificates
$1500 +$ 60 Gift CertificateCan be broken into individual gift certificates

Be sure to cover the terms with customers. Make sure they order the right sizes etc so that there are no issues with  returns etc. Natural e GREEN will work with you but too many returns will make this venture unprofitable very quickly and may result in termination of the program! We want you to be successful so be sure to contact us with any questions!

If you have samples at the parties -great! Let customers try them out and give some feedback. The main thing with our products is they don't contain any toxic junk in them. Education is key to delivering good products. Natural e GREEN has researched all of it's products and the owner, Tamara Laschinsky, spent years learning and writing about what safer ingredients really are. It's that information that education that consumers trust, so take some time to read some of the articles on the site and be knowledgeable. If you ever have questions, contact us so we can help!

Natural e GREEN Health and Wellness Online Store is located in Airdrie, Alberta Canada and offers over 700 natural, organic and non-toxic products for the whole family. Voted #1 in customer service and product quality, we strive hard to continue providing great customer experiences and to be the best online store to shop for your natural and organic products!

Feel free to browse our online catalogue and our green holiday gift guide to see all the items we carry in our store!

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