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Bone Cancer: Fatigue, Weight Loss, Pain and Fractures

bone cancer symptoms signsApproximately 2,300 new cases of primary bone cancer are diagnosed each year. Primary bone cancer is a type of cancer that originates in the bones and it makes up less than one percent of all cancers. Not everyone will experience the same symptoms of bone cancer and often, many people will not realize they have bone cancer right away.

Bone Pain, Swelling and Tenderness is a Symptom of Bone Cancer

A deep consistent pain in the bone that does not get better or go away over time may be a symptom of bone cancer. The skin around the affected area may also begin to swell and be tender to the touch.

Often the pain is more noticeable at night if it’s still persistent. If the lower extremities contain bone cancer, activities such as walking, running, jogging of biking can make the pain worsen.

Bone Cancer Weakens Bones Causing Fractures

As the cancer grows in the bone it begins to weaken the bone and make it brittle. Over time the bone structure will grow weaker and be susceptible to bone fractures. Often, this is the time when a person is aware of a problem.

Standard X-ray can often identify bone cancer. If the bone cancer is in the shoulder, pelvic bones or spine then a Computer Tomography (CT) scan will work best. Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT) scans are useful in assessing the spinal column.

Fatigue and Tiredness Results from Bone Cancer

Cancer causes many changes in the body, which can lead to increased fatigue. Some cancers release cytokines, proteins believed to cause fatigue. Cancer can also weaken muscles, increase the body’s need for energy and alter hormones.

Pain, emotional upset, lack of sleep and poor nutrition also play a part in adding to fatigue. Dealing with chronic pain is a big strain on the body and can result in taking extra energy to deal with. Likewise, emotional upset also consumes extra energy. If an individual is not getting the sleep needed or nutrition required to maintain healthy energy levels, fatigue is often the result.

Bone Cancer Causes Weight Loss

Cancer alters the body’s chemistry and can result in feelings of nausea and fatigue. Appetites may decrease for people suffering from cancer and if suffering from nausea, eating may not even be an option. Often, people suffering from cancer are chronically fatigued and may find it hard to gather up the energy to attempt to eat.

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The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his or her health should contact a doctor for advice.


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