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The 3 Month Health Challenge from It Works for Weight Management

You may have already heard of the company It Works and if you have, it's likely that you've heard the two words "Body Wraps."
It Works 3 month health challenge for natural weight managementIt Works is much more than body wraps though and while these body wraps do actually help to tighten and tone your skin, anyone who has looked into serious health and weight management knows it takes more than just some cosmetic application of product.

Month 1: Cleanse Your Body

First you are going to start off with 3 products to help cleanse your system. You need to get your nutrition levels up, detoxify and alkalize your body and of course, you need to ensure everything is flushing through properly to aid in toxic removal.

The first three products you will be ordering are:
  1. It's Vital Core Nutrition: A daily multivitamin to give you metabolic It Works health challenge for natural weight losssupport and keep you energized both mentally and physically
  2. GREENS: These will be essential for all 3 months of the program (and you'll likely find you keep on using them after!) They easily mix into your water or smoothie and give you 8+ servings of fruits & veggies!!! The help alkalize your body and detoxify, give probiotic support and have 38 herbs & superfoods! Energy...yeah, the GREENS have that covered!
  3. Regular: Well, what goes in must come out and you want to flush ALL the nasty toxins from your body. Regular is a supplement that helps you have normal and regular colon function without a sense of 'urgency' like other supplements.

Month 2: Lose the Weight

In month two you will try a couple new products in addition to the GREENS as described above:

  1. Thermofit: This supplement is designed to help boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite and provide you with more energy.
  2. Fat Fighter: The other supplement is the Fat Fighter, which blocks some fats/carbs from your meals once you've consumed them. The Fat Fighter reduces cravings and balances blood glucose level. You can take this up to an hour after meals.

Month 3: Tighten and Tone

Now that you have cleansed your system and gotten your body into a routine on the inside you can work on the outside! Keep on taking those GREENS mind you, but in addition you are now ready to start using the two unique products:

  1. It Works Body Wrap: This wrap is made of botanical ingredients designed to help tighten and tone your skin. Each box contains 4 applications and you can use them where you want (stomach, thighs, arms, neck, buttocks, back). You simply apply 1 wrap every 72 hours, leave on for up to 4 hours (first wrap leave on only 45 minutes) and drink lots of water to keep hydrated as the ingredients will have a slight diuretic effect.
    The wraps minimize cellulite appearance, improve skin texture, show results in as little as 45 minutes and continue working up to 72 hours after applied.
  2. The Defining Gel: A less concentrated version of the wrap. You can use this gel twice a day on the areas of concern to improve your results by 5x! The gel softens and hydrates your skin and diminishes appearance of varicose veins.

Keep Using the It Works Products

Once the inches go off, they stay off, provided you keep it that way! If you binge out on ice cream and high caloric foods without exercising, it's common sense you will gain some pounds!

Most people continue to use the wraps and gel as maintenance and personally I use the supplements, including the GREENS anti oxidant chews and ProFit protein powder daily!

Once you reach your target body weight and size you can decide on what products you wish to continue with.

So How Does The Loyal Customer Program Work

You can certainly buy these products at regular retail price but really, it doesn't make sense! To receive the products at 40% off you need to join the Loyal Customer Program. You can either buy the membership for $50 or you can subscribe to doing 3 months of auto shipments. Since the Health Challenge runs for 3 months, it only makes sense to opt for the auto ship option. After which time you can modify/suspend your auto shipments etc.

Once you are a Loyal Customer you are ALWAYS a Loyal Customer, which means you get the 40% discount for life. Plus you earn reward points to use for future credits.

Certainly you can pay $50 for the membership but why throw that money away? That $50 can buy you product instead!

To begin, click on the button below and shop for the products you will need. Then, at checkout you'll be asked if you wish to join the Loyal Customer program, choose yes and choose the auto shipment option.

You'll be given a password to access the website and you will set up your next auto shipment. You can change that auto shipment up to 2 days before it ships. The company also sends you a remind at least a week ahead of time so you can make any necessary changes.

Remember, This is a Loyal Customer Program. You are not allowed to sell the products. If you wish to sell the products you would sign up to be a distributor (which you can also do by clicking the link below.)

Once you've completed your 3 month health challenge, feel free to share your stories with us. If you have before and after photos we'd LOVE to see them!

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