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Environmental Working Group - EWG's Cosmetic Database

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The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has built a database of the most common chemicals found in everyday products. While there are data gaps, their database provides a good overview of the chemicals and their toxicities.

Our store was designed largely with EWG's information on chemicals and only carries chemical-free and non-toxic products. Recently, one of our nail polish providers re-formulated their product and included a chemical preservative "methylisothiazolinone". Needless to say, we decided to not bring in that formula and have brought new manufacturers on board for non-toxic nail polish!

At Natural e GREEN we used the EWG's recommendations, along with other chemist's advice to bring the safest and most non-toxic products to the store. 

We also have an whole ARTICLES & INFORMATION section dedicated to providing our readers with accurate information to provide you with the education you need to make safer choices and to help the younger generation learn as well! Check out our ARTICLES & INFORMATION section and don't forget to read the section on chemicals in  your products and which ones to avoid!

The EWG Cosmetic Database Online

Browse the Environmental Working Group's database to research the chemicals in your products and to see what products have been reviewed and how they rank! Keep in mind also, anything at Natural e GREEN has passed the safety test and will not contain the toxic and harmful chemicals found on many store shelves!

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Environmental Working Group's database here <----

Once you're done, come back to Natural e GREEN and shop for the safest non-toxic products available online!

The Cosmetic Chemical Guide - Book

The Cosmetic Chemicals Guide: What You Need to Know Before You Buy, used quite a bit of cosmetic chemicals guide cosmetic database tamara laschinskyinformation from the Cosmetic Database in assessing chemicals and outlining which ones are harmful to you. The guide is a great quick-reference and is available in paperback or e-book version for your convenience!

Inside you will find the top chemicals to avoid, the alternate names they go under, their health concerns, products you will find them in and where you can learn more about them and safer products!

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