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Brightspark from Native Remedies for Children and Adults with ADHD/ADD

Brightspark is an all-natural, safe and alternative way to relieve symptoms of ADHD/ADD in children and adults. It helps reduce impulsiveness and hyperactivity, allowing the individual to focus better and pay attention to the task(s) on hand.

Brightspark helps to:

  • Calms hyperactivity
  • Improve concentration
  • Reduce impulsiveness
  • Balance mood and demeanor
  • Reduce involuntary twitches, spasms or noisesBrightspark from Native Remedies for ADHD ADD Children

How Does Brightspark Help With ADHD Symptoms

Brightspark is FDA-registered and is a safe alternative to psychiatric drugs. Fast acting and effective, Brightspark helps restore balance at the cellular level. These small dissolvable tables go under the tongue and have no artificial colors or preservatives.

Brightspark uses the following natural ingredients to help with ADHD symptoms:

  • Hyoscyamus (30C) known to help relieve over-excitability, restlessness and disruptive behavior. Provides general relief from outbursts and involuntary twitching or grunting. Hyoscyamus is also known to benefit those who show foolish behaviors, facial twitching, inappropriate behavior and fidgeting hands.
  • Arsen iod (30C) promotes balance during outbursts and helps calm annoyance when confronted with frustrating circumstances. Recommended for individuals who are irritable and restless, as well as those who are hyperactive, impatient and express sudden outbursts.
  • Verta alb (30C) helps to bring stability to emotions and soothe nerves during inner conflict. Often recommend for children who are critical and restless.
  • Argent nit (6C) used for those who are impulsive and impressionable and for those who have problems controlling their emotions or temper. Great for those who cry readily and helps to alleviate anxiety and fear caused by deep-rooted insecurity.

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