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Natural Alternatives to Stop Smoking

natural stop smoking remedies and treatmentsOver 50 million people in America smoke and almost seven million people use smokeless tobacco. The CDC reports 440,000 people die each year from nicotine-related illnesses.

There are a variety of natural alternatives offered to assist a nicotine user in beating their addiction. While results can vary from individual to individual, they can be good starting point for someone who wishes to kick their habit.

Quit Smoking and Chewing Tobacco Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey is when a smoker or nicotine user just decides to stop using nicotine without relying on any assistance from other programs. The Lung Association reports that many people who have quit smoking say they did it by going cold turkey. They also advise not giving up if the first attempt does not work. Most people try five or six times before successfully quitting.

Nicotine use causes chemical reactions in the brain and affects users in different ways. While many people may successfully quit cold turkey, they may also need to incorporate other methods to deal with the dependency side of quitting.

Using Hypnotherapy to Beat Addictions

Hypnotherapy can also be a good starting point for people who are trying to beat their nicotine addiction. It is non-invasive and can work quickly for the individual. A hypnotherapist, after learning more about the client, will attempt to determine what causes their behaviors and will attempt to modify that behavior through hypnotic suggestions.

If a smoker wants to smoke while driving in his car, the hypnotist may offer the suggestion of chewing gum while driving instead. These suggestions can assist the nicotine user to find healthier alternatives whenever they are considering lighting up or chewing some tobacco.

Acupuncture to Assist with Withdrawal from Nicotine Addictions

An ancient Chinese practice used for thousands of years, acupuncture is yet another a natural approach to beating addictions. The process involves the practitioner inserting tiny needles into various points on the patient’s body.

After an initial consultation, the practitioner determines what the individual’s weak points are and the specific areas in the body requiring treatment. Chinese medicine believes when the body has a weakness it is more susceptible to negative influences and illnesses. By strengthening those areas, it’s believed the need for habits like smoking are reduced and/or eliminated.

A treatment will often consist of inserting thin needles on various points of the body and taking herbs regularly to help the body gain maximum benefit from the treatment.

Using Reflexology to Stop Nicotine Use

Similar to acupuncture, reflexology refers to points on an individual’s foot and applying pressure to those points. It's believed that stimulation of those points can assist the body in better health and functionality.

Reflexology is often used to promote feelings of wellness and relieve anxiety. Since people who fight addictions claim to suffer from anxiety, depression and lack of motivation, some believe reflexology could help offset those side effects. The Modern Institute of Reflexology believes reflexology can promote self healing.

Start Exercise Program when Overcoming Nicotine Addiction

The Lung Association also recommends starting an exercise program. Start slowly with a walk around the block and build up from there.

Exercise can take the mind off smoking, increase energy levels, balance moods as well as help minimize any weight gain. Exercise can not only help an individual feel better, but it can also offer an alternative to smoking or chewing tobacco.

Ease Withdrawal Symptoms with Herbal Supplements

Herbs can be used to help combat certain feelings such as depression, anxiety and restlessness. Using herbs while attempting to fight an addiction may help balance the body and emotions, making it easier to stay away from nicotine.

St. Johns Wort, for example, has been used by some to fight depression and balance mood in people who suffer from mood swings. It must be noted though, it can interact with other drugs/herbs and can decrease the productivity of prescribed drugs. The National Institute of Health warns there can be side effects including dry mouth, headache and dizziness. When considering using herbs, speak with a care provider and be sure to mention all drugs currently prescribed as well as any health conditions.

Using Natural Alternatives for Nicotine Addiction

There are many natural methods to fighting nicotine addiction and while no conclusive studies have been done, they can have fewer side effects than other methods. The National Cancer Institute offers free advice and information for anyone trying to beat a nicotine addiction. Finding a support group can also help one stay motivated and on track. Hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology and herbal supplements are a few of the natural approaches to beating a nicotine addiction without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

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