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It Works July & August 2014 Promotion

The July & August 2014 promotion is amazing! Simply join as a distributor with It Works, then, sign up 1 Loyal Customer and 1 Distributor and you will earn 1 entry into this contest. Earn as many entries as you can to increase your odds of winning.

Winning what? $20,000 sounds good! It Works will pay off your credit card debt up to $20,000!

Here's something else to keep in mind - when you sign up 4 Loyal Customers in your first 30 days you earn enough reward points to buy 2 extra boxes of wraps (or use it towards other products!)

Want more? Ok, for every distributor you sign up, who, in their first 30 days, signs up 2 Loyal Customers, you get a Fast Start bonus! This bonus is $100 and paid every Friday!

So this contest below will really increase the number of bonuses you can get before the end of summer.

Oh, and of course you are saving 40% off the products and making 40% profit when you sell the products to customers! How much easier can this get?

Sign up today and get started earning your entries towards this great contest!

If you've been looking for a great business to start up, It Works is a great flexible fit for you. Selling healthy, natural and top quality products and allowing you to reach a global market! Get more details today or look into starting off as a Loyal Customer to buy products at 40% off!