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Carnelian Crystal Gem Stone

Color: Red
Region: Mediterranean, Russia, India
Chakra: Spleen

Healing Properties of CARNELIAN

Representing boldness, courage and confidence, this stone helps with motivation and in achieving success.  Creates harmony and balance. This stone helps with:

  • Passion & sexuality
  • Feeling anchored and grounded
  • Healing trauma and emotional wounds
  • Purifies blood of the liver and kidneys
  • Stimulates appetite, emotions, passion and sexuality
  • Physical energy, reproductive system, arthritis, gall bladder and pancreas
It is connected to the 2nd Chakra and thus, is good for any lower-back troubles. Also good for eating disorders, drug abuse, depression, allergies, yeast infections and urinary problems. Historically it was used to pull fevers out of the feet.

Cleaning Crystals and Gemtsones

There are many methods to keeping your gemstone clean and some don't even require cleaning.  Learn how to Care, Cleanse and Clean your crystals here......

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