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Aquamarine Crystal Gem Stone

Color: Anywhere from a cloudy to clear light blue or blue-green. Also in golden yellow color
Region: USA, Mexico, Russia, Brazil & India
Chakra: Throat, Spleen & Heart

Healing Properties of AQUAMARINE

Aquamarine is a calming stone, reflecting the soothing energy of the sea. A stone of courage, it helps promote: 
  • Tranquility
  • Openness
  • Light heartedness
  • Creativity & Communication
  • Confidence and Stability
  • Reduce fears and stress
  • Healthy immune system 
  • Detoxify body and strengthen organs
  • Speedy recovery from illness and allergies
Aquamarine is used for protection on journeys, especially those across water. It helps quiet the mind and is a great stone for meditation purposes. It can be used to purify the throat and help with ailments like sore throat. Because of it's relationship with the throat chakra it comes as no surprise that it helps promote clear, concise communication and aids the user in verbal expression.

It is also a great stone to help find love and in calming any differences between people.  In the past it was used for stress relief and also to strengthen the immune system, thymus, lymph nodes and to filter out any non-needed information to the brain.

Cleaning Crystals and Gemtsones

There are many methods to keeping your gemstone clean and some don't even require cleaning.  Learn how to Care, Cleanse and Clean your crystals here......

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