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Eco -Edge Award

"The Eco Edge Award recognizes a business promoting, taking part and providing leadership in the environmental arena."

2014 - Finalist
2013 - Finalist
2012 - Finalist
2011 - Winner
2010 - Finalist

Eco-Edge Specifications:

When being interviewed after being nominated and to see is we qualify as a finalist, we fill out a big spreadsheet regarding things we do to have our environmental edge impact. Below are some of the questions we have to ask. The spreadsheet has really helped us get 'greener' as it gave us new ideas for things we did not do before! Natural e GREEN has worked hard to get greener and greener every year and to ensure as we grow, we stay committed to our green-ness!


Describe What Your Business Does:

Natural e GREEN is an online business that focuses on selling non-toxic products and providing information to consumers on making healthier choices for themselves and the environment. The store is only online and reaches a large market across North America. We promote products that are safe for humans and safe for the environment and aquatic life.

Does Your Business Implement Water and Waste Reduction (and how?)

Natural e GREEN reuses packing materials sent to us by our suppliers. (They are recyclable and bio-degradeable) Much of our ordering we do through large distributors who have a large variety of product (rather than ordering from 10 individual suppliers.) Being online we have very little use for printing documents, Natural e GREEN mostly stores everything electronically and transfers online records to our accounting programs.

When it comes to office work, faxes, paper etc we do most everything online and reduce the need for paper. Payment processing is done online, receipts are emailed to customer, gift certificates are emailed etc. We also put consideration into the products we acquire and choose those that have the least impact on the environment.

Does Your Business Re-use Materials?

We re-use as much as we can. Our packing materials are re-used as well as our shipping boxes to our distributors. Non-needed pieces of paper are re-used until they are no longer usable and then they are recycled. When receiving orders from our suppliers we always opt in to receive our orders in previously used boxes that are in good condition.

Does Your Business Recycle?

Natural e GREEN doesn't have a big office or common space for staff but we do have recycle bins in our home office and all recycling goes into them and delivered to the recycle depot. Items of hazardous nature such as ink cartridges are dropped off @ Staples for recycling. We also choose products based on their packaging (ie. If something comes in a plastic wrap and a cardboard box, we choose the box that can be recycled.)

We ship orders in materials than can be re-used and recycled as well.

Does Your Business Practice Environmental Stewardship?

Natural e GREEN chooses products based on their packaging (ie. If something comes in both a plastic wrap and a cardboard box, we choose the recyclable box. Likewise, we give preference to products printed with vegetable based inks.) Most of the products we sell have very minimal packaging. The cosmetics for example, are loose, that is to say they are not attached to a cardboard backing and covered with non-recyclable plastic. Glass jars are utilized often by our suppliers vs plastic and refills for liquid soaps are available too.

Recently we discontinued a Bamboo product because the manufacturer changes it's processes and instead of using a closed-loop system to produce Rayon from Bamboo, they went to open-loop which allows chemicals to flow back into the environment.

We are always looking for new ways to reduce our waste and minimize our environmental impact. Orders are shipped every couple of days to reduce the amount of travel time to the post office for shipping.

Community Events Participation

Natural e GREEN offers many articles and consumer education that reaches worldwide. We believe in helping to raise awareness regarding the environment and offering easy to implement ideas for consumers to help minimize environmental footprints.

We promote a variety of environmental conferences and challenges and share many ideas with our audience. In 2011 we were approaches by Teens Turning Green ( and took the Green Challenge. The challenge presented many new ways to go green and we got a few teens involved and shared the tips we learned during the challenge!

The questionnaire is quite lengthy but the above paragraphs sum up our answers and commitment to staying green! We would like to thank our customers for their support and The Winning Edge Awards for helping us find new ways of going green!

Natural e GREEN Health and Wellness Online Store is located in Airdrie, Alberta Canada and offers over 400 natural, organic and non-toxic products for the whole family. Voted #1 in customer service and product quality, we strive hard to continue providing great customer experiences and to be the best online store to shop for your natural and organic products!

Feel free to browse our online catalogue and our green holiday gift guide to see all the items we carry in our store!