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About US

Main Contact Information

Contact Us:   Natural e GREEN   403-980-6346

Mail: PO Box 70025 Creekside RPO    Airdrie, Alberta  T4B 0V9

About our Store & History

A Message From Tamara:

Hi, my name is Tamara and I started Natural e GREEN in May 2009 when I had a simple idea: to use only natural & chemical free products for myself & my family! It wasn't easy though - reading labels and finding truly chemical free products was a challenge and I was ordering products online from all over North America to get what I needed.
tamara laschinsky
When other parents heard what I was using, they asked me to order in extra for them, and this, is how Natural e GREEN got it's start! I began ordering more, and more, and more - listening to what the customers wanted and helping them find it.

I have had the chance to learn so much (and am still learning more each day) and have met so many health conscientious people in the last year. Natural e GREEN has helped many other concerned individuals find safe alternatives and best of all:  I know my children are using the healthiest products there are and that they will understand how to find healthy products to use as adults and for their own children!

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